Acting Ministry of National Defense visits Ghazni Province!

چهارشنبه ۱۳۹۸/۷/۳ - ۲۳:۴۹
سرپرست وزارت دفاع ملى به ولايت غزنى رفت

Asadullah Khalid acting Ministry of National Defense along with Mohammad Massoud Andarabi acting Ministry of Interior Affair and Gen. Austin Scott Miller NATO General Commander for Afghanistan, visited the Ghazni province to appraising the efforts of the country’s National Defense & Security Forces leadership and assessing the successful and full implementation of the 1st and 2nd phases of Mobeen operations. 

Acting Defense Minister, after reviewing the reports of the Defense and Security Force's leadership implementations and plans in this province, issued the necessary guidance for better and quickly implement of the 3rd phase of Mobeen operation in this province.

Meanwhile, he praised the performance of the ANDSF in clearing the Jaghato district and connecting five districts with the provincial capital, it's mentionable, that “Mobeen Operation” began in three phases in Ghazni province from date 03 September 2019.

In the 1st phases of “Mobeen Operation,” the large-scale operations were launched in the south of this province and terrorists suffered heavy casualties, the 2nd phases of this operation also conducted for clearing of the Jaghato district and Qayad Valley that successfully ended, and the 3rd phase of this operation will include the continuation of anti-terrorism operations and operations for the security of the number one highway in Ghazni province.

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