More than 1500 sergeants and soldiers of ANA graduates from the Kabul Military Training Center!

Mon, Oct 28 2019 3:24 PM
بیش از 1500 تن از سربازان و بریدملان اردوی ملی، پس از تکمیل دوره تعلیمات ویژه نظامی از مرکز تعلیمی نظامی کابل فارغ گردیدند!

Gen. Besimullah Waziri Chief of Staff of the Army, at the graduation ceremony of more than 1500 sergeants and soldiers of the Afghan National Army said” that the Defense and Security Forces were able to free more than nine districts from Afghan people enemies in the current year.

Meanwhile, The Armed Forces Chief of Staff said” in a speech: You are consciously committed to defending the nation and the high values of the people, Your graduation is good news to the Afghan people and a clear message to the enemies of Afghanistan that the real defenders of this frontier are willing to defend their country independently in all circumstances.

Similarly, Mr. Waziri addressed to these sergeants & soldiers, The defense and security forces hero have shown that they have the capacity and ability to defend and protect their beloved country, You have the support of the people and the international community with a strong spirit, a clean hand, honesty, a single fist beneath the country's flag fight the insurgents and terrorists.