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1 year 3 months ago

Our forces changed from defensive to offensive, from now on we should think on attacking the nests and hideouts of enemies, take the initiative and such must be chosen to defend from the country bravely and leave nowhere safe for the enemies to hide.

Mr. Asadullah Khalid

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Thu, Jun 13 2019 2:04 PM
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Biography of Martyred Hero First-Leiutenant Abdul Hameed Zawosh

Those who bravely defend from this country and its national interests are the real heroes...

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Mon, Sep 21 2020 9:11 PM

Over 1,000 weapons handed over to the Disbandment of Illegal Armed Groups (DIAG) process!

Over 1,000 various weapons have been seized from Taliban during operations by Afghan Nationa

Sun, Sep 20 2020 9:38 AM

ANA have discovered and defused 4776 across AFG IEDs during the last six months

The IEDs had been planted by Taliban on public roads, residential areas and highways.

Sat, Sep 12 2020 9:47 PM

5 Talib including 3 Pakistani terrorist were killed in Nangarhar!

Today, Taliban planned to launch an attack on Afghan National Defense & Security Forces

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Sat, Sep 19 2020 8:30 PM

Ministry of Defense statement on airstrikes in Khan Abad, Kunduz

This morning, Taliban fighters attacked ANDSF positions in "Nikapaye Sayed Ramazan" area of Khan Abad district in Kunduz province. ANDSF intercepted the attack in accordance with . . .

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