Media Embed Request Form

 Media Embed Information

Media Embed Request Form:

The Social Relations, Parliamentary and Public Affairs Office (herein referred as MoD Public Affairs Office or Public Affairs Office), located in the Afghan Ministry of Defense (MoD) compound, is the focal point for all media requests and media who are inquiring about the media embed process.

Application Process:

The Public Affairs Office (PAO) places great importance on ensuring that embed experiences meet the journalists’ requirements. Therefore, we require as much information as possible from journalists/correspondents in order to facilitate a successful visit. The Media Embed Request Form is designed to capture information we need to properly match your coverage needs to the unit’s capacity to support your visit. Completed forms must be returned to the MoD Public Affairs Office using the email addresses provided at the end of this document.

Upon receipt of the completed application forms, MoD Public Affairs Office coordinates requests in accordance with unit’s ability to accommodate during the requested time frame. MoD Public Affairs Office will make arrangements with the relevant units within the Afghan National Army (ANA) Corps to best suit your request and interests. You will receive notice of approval and final instructions after coordination is completed.


Prior to receiving media badge from MoD and entering any MoD/ANA installations, all foreign media journalists/correspondents are required to obtain proper accreditation and register with the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as per country’s media law. They can register their names and agencies in Media Relations Office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul, or provincial departments of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Herat, Kandahar, Balkh, Nangarhar, Bamyan, Paktia and Kunduz provinces. After registering foreign journalists/correspondents, the mentioned offices will arrange accreditation letters for them to pave the ground for the coverage of news, press conferences and interviews with government officials. Foreign journalists/correspondents can download Foreign Media Registration Form from here. Following is the address and contact information of Media Relations Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan

Address: Malek Asghar Street, Kabul, Afghanistan (Google map)

Tel: +93 (0) 20 2100372

+93 (0) 70 0104173

Fax: +93 (0) 202100360

+93 (0) 20 2100361



Media Relations Department

Tel: +93 (0) 20 21 00 371

+93 (0) 20 2100 372


Equipment and Insurance:

All visiting journalists/correspondents must possess their own helmet and body armor (bullet proof vest). Any journalist arriving without this equipment will not be permitted to embed with ANA units. Journalists are strongly advised to gain experience and training for operating in harsh and hostile environments and are expected to come equipped and clothed properly. Please remember that media will be responsible for carrying their own equipment and it is recommended to travel light.

All visiting journalists must ensure they have adequate personal, travel and equipment insurance. MoD does not provide insurance. Foreign journalists/correspondents are responsible for obtaining their own passports and visas which are needed for entering into Afghanistan.


MoD Public Affairs Office requires all foreign journalists/correspondents to bring with themselves the card/ accreditation letter given by Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, media organization’s introduction letter, a hard copy of passport and visa. Upon receipt of the mentioned documents and completed Media Embed Request Form, Public Affairs Office will arrange accreditation letters for journalists/correspondents and introduce them to the units they want to be embedded with. The accreditation letter is sealed and must be opened only by Public Affairs Officers of units, not by anyone else. You are not authorized to embed with MoD units until you receive your accreditation letter.

Media Embed Request Form, Media Rules & Indemnification Agreement and Recommended Packing List along with a sample of MoD accreditation letter can be downloaded from MoD website.

Journalists/correspondents can go to Public Affairs Office through the entrance gate of MoD which is situated on the south side of MoD compound on Pul-e Mahmod Khan Road. (MoD on Google map)

MoD Public Affairs Office Contact Information

Please contact MoD Public Affairs Office regarding embed inquiries at:

Tel: +93 (0) 20 26 71435

+93 (0) 20 26 61 4 35


NOTE: All foreign journalists/correspondents are highly recommended to be accompanied by translators.