President Ghani meets with the Ministry of National Defense leadership!

Thu, Nov 14 2019 5:02 PM
President Ghani meets with the Ministry of National Defense leadership!

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and the Chief of the Armed Forces of the country met with the Ministry of National Defense leadership before this afternoon.

In this meeting at the Presidential Palace, Asadullah Khalid acting Ministry of National Defense on behalf of the ministry's leadership, thanked the President's attention, confidence and support for the Afghan National Army.

He added that the president constant support has increased the capacity and accountability in the Afghan National Army, Asadullah Khalid said the president's defense vision was a strategic guideline for the ANA, and in light of that, the ANA has gained great achievements and achieved important goals.

President Ghani expressed his appreciation for the Ministry of National Defense leadership, Soldiers, Sergeants, and ANA officers said that each of you has the strong support of me and the great people Afghanistan, as well as the international community.

He added: "My desire has always been in the past for Afghanistan to have an effective and national army, that the army who has the authority to implement the legitimate in the country, and fortunately today, that demand has come true,"

Meanwhile, in during this meeting the President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani congratulated the promotions of the Ministry of National Defense officers, who had earlier been proposed, and he added that it would be announced on Independence Day, but these promotions have been postponed due to the leadership and personnel of the Ministry of National Defense in operations against the enemies.

The President praised the efforts of the ANA in securing the elections and not interfering in electoral affairs, and he declared that you have now become a national and non-political entity, protect the national interests of the country within the framework of the law.

He added that in the past five years, there have been fundamental changes in the capacity of the ANA and our ANA is fighting with the dangers that face the country and our compatriots, and President Ghani reiterated that major and difficult decisions are made when a country's leaders have fully believed in the strengths and capabilities of their Defense and Security Forces.

Similarly, the President also praised the recent achievements of the country's Defense and Security Forces, especially the Air Force and Special Forces in operations against the enemies of Afghanistan, and said that with your strong presence, the enemies of Afghanistan will never achieve their malicious goals.