Acting Ministry of National Defense assessed the security situation in Balkh province during a meeting!

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Acting Ministry of National Defense assessed the security situation in Balkh province during a meeting!

Assadullah Khalid, acting Ministry Of National Defense while Gen. Austin Scott Miller commander of Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, Balkh Governor, Gen. Donahey RS Special Operations commander, Gen Brutus commander of RS in North zone, Gen. Haybatullah Ali Zai MoD operation director, Gen. Adam Khan Matin commander of the 209 Shaheen Corps, Gen Abas Tawkali, Gen. Naseer Ahmad Alavi Balkh National Security Director, and Colonel. Ajmal Fahuz Balkh Security Commander accompanied him in the visiting of Balkh at Marmul Camp and assessed the security situation in this province. 

At the First, the security situation detailed report was read by Balkh security sector's commanders’ afterward the acting Ministry of National Defense praised the performed activities of Defense and Security leadership in this province and while praying for martyrs soul especially for martyrs of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and wish steady recovery to injuries and he stated that This year was full of achievements and gainful for the Afghan Forces, fortunately, the enemy even did not achieve their strategic goals, but they were inflicted heavy losses and hard hit by the Defense and Security Forces of the country.

Acting Defense Minister added the Ministry of National Defense Leadership, with joint efforts of the Ministry of Interior Affairs and National Directorate Security will conduct winter operation in those areas that the armed opposition destructive activities will feel it and these Joint Forces will begin the operation plan campaign for next year under the name of (Uprising 99), which in the meantime, your current colleagues at the Ministries of Security Sector are assessing the last year's “Khalid Operation” 2019, amid to implementing the military national strategy, providing sustainable security, developing security in the capital and provinces, resources and major economic projects, highways, suppressing of the peace and stability enemies, using of the capabilities of the Ground and Air Force, Special Forces and Commando units, embed strengths and reduce the civilian casualties.

In this meeting, they discussed and focused on the current situation, vulnerable areas, insecure districts, deployment of forces and potential threats.

In recent, the Ministry of National Defense assured the people of Afghanistan, which significant developments in the security sector would soon occur with implementing the offensive operations and suppressing insurgents in this province.

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