Asadullah Khalid acting Defense Minister visits Kabul Military Training Center soldiers

پنجشنبه ۱۳۹۸/۱۲/۱۵ - ۱۸:۵۴

Asadullah Khalid acting Ministry of National Defense and Gen Austin Scott Miller commander of Resolute Support Mission & NATO in Afghanistan, visited the Kabul Military Training Center while discussed closely with soldiers on Thursday afternoon.

Afghan Acting Defense Minister spoke directly with the personnel of the Kabul Military Training Center and issued guidance for better training & quality for the new recruits to the army.

During this meeting with the Kabul military training center officials, Mr. Khalid underscored that addressing the problems, demands, and needs of soldiers should be at the top priorities of your work.

Meanwhile, acting Defense Minister and Gen Miller praised the dedication and strenuous efforts of ANA soldiers in protecting and defending Afghan people, Mr. Khalid also called on the command of the Kabul Military Training Center to train personnel on new methods of fighting.

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