The Funeral of Martyr Brigadier Gen. Zahir Gul Maqbel!

Sun, Dec 01 2019 1:09 PM
The Funeral of Martyr Brigadier Gen. Zahir Gul Maqbel!

Today morning, The funeral of Martyr Brigadier Gen. Zahir Gul Maqbel held in presence of Asadullah Khalid acting Ministry of National Defense, Gen Besimullah Waziri Chief of the Armed Forces, Generals, and officers of Ministry of National Defense, his family and other relatives in Kabul at the Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan Hospital.

In this funeral, Mr. Khalid once again extended his condolences to the family and close relatives of the martyr General Maqbel and he prayed from Almighty Allah the paradise for the martyred of General Maqbel.

Meanwhile, Acting Ministry of National Defense mentioned the Martyr Brigadier Gen. Maqbel's hard work, activities, and efforts, and considers his absence as irreparable.

Akbar Gul son of Martyr Gen Maqbel said that’ “I and my family are ready to sacrifice in defense of our people and country, like my martyr's father, and we will follow my father's path.”