A large number of Afghan Joint Special Forces were deployed to Helmand province!

Mon, Oct 26 2020 4:58 PM
A large number of Afghan Joint Special Forces were deployed to Helmand province!

A large number of fresh Afghan Joint Special Forces were deployed to Helmand Province last night. These forces cleared the areas along the highway 601 from Taliban presence and cleaned up the landmines (IEDs) which were placed by Taliban on public roads.  They will defend the lives and properties of Helmand residents.

Gen. Mohammad Yasin Zia, Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces assured that these forces will provide better security for the residents of Helmand province. 

Meanwhile, General Zia met with these brave forces and praised their tireless efforts, sacrifices, and dedication. He stressed that the enemy is not able to confront the ANDSF on the battlefield and they have concentrated all their power on the destruction of our country's infrastructures. 

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