81 Insurgents Were Killed!


Kabul, Afghanistan: in the past 24 hours, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, launched 13 joint clearance operations and conducted 101 Commandos, Special Forces operations in different parts of the country, in order to remove security threats, destroying the enemy’s sanctuaries and ensure better security to the people of Afghanistan, Afghan Air Forces conducted 161 flights and carried out 9 airstrikes on enemies’ positions in support of these operations. As a result, 81 Insurgents were killed, 45 were wounded and another was detained.

These operations were conducted with support of Resolute Support and Afghan Air Forces in, Faryab, Ghazni, Uruzgan, Herat, Sir-e Pol-Jowzjan highway, Sir-e Pol, Helmand, Nimruz, Balkh, Zabul, Logar, Paktia, Paktikah, Laghman andNangarhar provinces.

Faryab- 30 insurgents were killed, 1 detained, 1 base was destroyed, 2 motorbikes and amount of weapon and ammunition were destroyed in airstrikes and response attacks in Gurziwan, Pashtun Kot & Shirin Tagab districts.

Ghazni- 15 insurgents were killed, 2 were wounded and a motorbike was destroyed in airstrikes and clearing operation in Andar, Muqur & Qarabagh districts.

Uruzgan- 14 insurgents were killed, 14 were wounded and 2 hideouts were destroyed in clearing operation and airstrikes in Deh Rahwod, Khas-Uruzgan districts & capital.

Herat - 9 insurgents were killed and 6 were wounded in clearing operation in Oba and Pashtun Zarghon districts.

Jowzjan-Sir-e Pol highway- 8 insurgents were killed and 15 were wounded in clearing operation in Jowzjan-Sir-e Pol highway.

Sir-e Pol - 3 insurgents were killed and 5 were wounded in response attacks in capital vicinities.

Helmand- one insurgent was killed, 3 were wounded, 18 round of IED were discovered and defused, 4 fighting positions, 4 machicolations and 50m ditches were destroyed in clearing operation in Sangin district.