Border officials’ delegations of the Islamic Emirate and Uzbekistani held a joint meeting


The delegation on behalf of the Islamic Emirate was led and chaired by Mawlavi Mansour "Jawed" the commander of the 6th Border Brigade of the 209 Al-Fatah Army Corps and their companions Mawlavi Aminullah “Amini” the Director of foreign relations and the commissioner of Hairatan port, visited the Uzbekistan country in order to participate in the "joint coordination" meeting and they also met and discussed with that country officials.

In this meeting, the two sides, while appreciating the cooperation and bilateral activities between the two neighboring and Muslim countries, discussed the border security of the two countries, how to coordinate in the best way among the border forces, solve problems, protect common borders, strengthen good relations and at the end, they promised to cooperate any borders issue to solve it.