Literacy program in the first time inaugurated for Afghan National Army! 

یکشنبه ۱۳۹۹/۶/۲۳ - ۲۰:۵۲
Literacy program in the first time inaugurated for Afghan National Army! 

Munira Yusufzada, Deputy Ministry of National Defense for Education and Personnel, along with Deputy Ministry of Education for Literacy and Lt. Gen Payanda Mohammad Nazam commander of Unified Training and Education and Doctrine Command (UTED-C), inaugurated the beginning of literacy classes at the Afghan National Army recruitment command.

Munira Yusufzada addressing the ANA recruited members, said that: in fact your joining in Afghan National Army is a fight against the ignorant terrorists, and at same time, you have taken steps up to fight the illiteracy, by picking up a pen it means you are fighting against the illiteracy and ineptitude, and by picking up weapon you are confronting against the phenomenon ominous and ignorance.

In meantime, the head of literacy programs said: The Ministry of National Defense has been a pioneer in the fight against illiteracy, which this measure would doubles the Afghan National Army popularity among the people.

Lt. Gen Payanda Mohammad Nazam commander of (UTED-C), while ensuring the serious implementation of this program in all central and regional sections, assured and said: We consider the fight against illiteracy the first but main step is creating a professional Army, so the successful implementation of this agreement is a special importance for the education command.

The three-year literacy program is funded by international community, its implementing by the Ministry of National Defense, and would be oversee by Deputy of literacy.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister for Education and Personnel, visited all sections of the recruitment command and supervised the implementation of the OPS system and she also listened to the problems, challenges and suggestions of clients and ANA cadets in this command.


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