Over 1123 Soldiers Graduates from Commando Training Centre!

Mon, Jan 13 2020 9:25 PM
Over 1123 Soldiers Graduates from Commando Training Centre!

The over 1123 Commando soldiers graduation ceremony held at Commando Training Centre while Assadullah Khalid acting Ministry of National Defense, Lt. Gen Mohammad Farid Ahmadi commander of the Special Operations Corps, Generals, High ranking Officers, and Parliament members have participated in Special Operations Corps at Rishkhur Garrison.  

Meanwhile, Acting Ministry of Defense commemorated and praised the bravery, heroism, and sacrifice of all the units of the Special Operations Commandos and also congratulated the graduation of these Commandos.

In the meantime, The graduated Commando Soldiers pledged to fight and defend the lives and property of their compatriots against any terrorist threats up to last breath and will stand firmly with full of power.

The graduation certificates were distributed by Acting Defense Minister to the graduated soldiers.