The Statement of the Spokesperson of the National Defense Ministry of Afghanistan in Response to the Claims of the Pakistan Army


- The recent claims of the spokesperson of the Pakistan Army are irresponsible and far from the reality.
- The killing of Chinese citizens in an area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which is under tight security cover of the Pakistani army shows the weakness of the Pakistani security agencies or cooperation with the attackers, in both cases the responsibility rests with the Pakistani government.
- Blaming Afghanistan for such incidents is a failed attempt to divert attention from the truth, and we strongly reject it.
- The Islamic Emirate has assured China on this matter and the country has also understood the fact that Afghans are not involved in such issues.
- We have many evidences of Daesh who came to Afghanistan from the territory of Pakistan, and Pakistan’s territory being used against us for which Pakistan should answer.
- We call the stability and security of Pakistan in the interest of Afghanistan and the region, and we believe in brotherhood and good relations between the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Mufti Enayatullah Khwarazmi
Spokesperson of the National Defense Ministry