The Ministry of National Defense donates over 36 million Afghanis cash aid to the earthquake-stricken of the Herat


Following the all-round cooperation of the Ministry of National Defense, this time the leadership of the Ministry of Defense donated 36 million and five hundred and 74 thousand Afghanis cash aid for the construction of residential houses to the earthquake-stricken compatriots of Herat province.

The Ministry of National Defense monetary aid was delivered by Mawlavi Noor ull Rahman "Nusrat", the chief of the Operation Directorate, and Enayetullah "Khwarazmi", the Ministry of Defense spokesperson, in the presence of scholars and elders to the Sheikh Mohammed Basheer "Halimi", the head of the scholar's Council of Herat Province, and the head of the Earthquake Response Commission, today.

Despite the fact, that before this, with the serious attention of the Ministry of National Defense leadership, an amount of 10 million Afghanis cash was also donated to the victims of the recent earthquake in the western provinces.

Simultaneously, with the recent tragic incident in the western provinces of the country, the professional teams including the Air Force, Engineering, Health Care, and other individual members of the Islamic National Army, till now they have not spared any effort to serve their people.