ANDSF Retakes Control of Takhet Valley in Chishti Sharif district of Herat after 9 years and similarly recaptures Kamenj Valley in Shahrak district of Ghor after 2 years


Afghan National Defense and Security Forces since 3 weeks ago conducted extensive ground and air operations in Ghor, Herat and Farah provinces.    

Kamenj valley is a vital highway in Ghor province and also in this route, it was a Taliban terrorist key command center, it’s recaptured by ANDSF from Taliban terrorists.

Over 100 Talib fighters along with their commanders surrendered to National Defense and Security Forces in this valley and put down their weapons and they pledged to stand alongside the Afghan Forces and will fight against the Taliban insurgents.

Similarly, during this operation, ANDSF retook control of the Takhet valley of Chishti Sharif district of Herat after 9 years from Taliban terrorists which the valley is geographically its great importance for terrorists.

During this operation till now, the number 2 highways that connecting Bamyan, Ghor and Herat provinces were cleared from Taliban terrorist presence.

National Defense and Security Forces in these operations and clashes with terrorists killed 48 Talib insurgents and destroyed their 6 hideouts.

Moreover, hundreds of rounds of IEDs that planted by terrorists in the route of people were discovered and defused by ANDSF Heroes.

During the control of these areas by Taliban terrorists, these insurgents extorted people and vehicles passing along the route and caused extensive damage to the roads.

The National Defense and Security Forces are rebuilding these roads and advancing in the area now.