13 Insurgents Were Killed!   


Kabul, Afghanistan: in the past 24 hours, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces launched 15 joint offensive & pre-planned clearance operations and Air Forces carried out 6 airstrikes on enemies’ positions, in order to remove security threats, eliminate the enemy’s strongholds and ensure better security, these operations were conducted in 12 provinces of the country, as a result, 13 Insurgents were killed and 8 were wounded.

Ghazni- 9 insurgents were killed, 7 were wounded and 1 motorbike was destroyed in clearing operation & an airstrike in Andar and Muqur districts.

Helmand- 4 insurgents were killed, 1 wounded and 1 vehicle was destroyed in response attacks & airstrikes in Nad Ali, Sangin and Grishk districts.