Funeral ceremony of two ANDSF martyrs who were killed in the helicopter crash in Hesarak district, was held in Kabul

چهارشنبه ۱۳۹۹/۸/۲۱ - ۱۴:۳۶
Funeral ceremony of two martyrs of ANDSF in the helicopter crash in Hesarak District, was held at the Kabul!

The Funeral Ceremony of Col. Habibullah and Major Rafiullah was held with the presence of Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces, Gen, Mohammad Yasin Zia, Directors and Chiefs, Generals and Officers of the Ministry of National Defense and family members and relatives of the martyred, at Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan hospital.

Gen. Mohammad Yasin Zia, praised the dedications and sacrifice of these two heroes of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, and pledged that the Afghan National Army leadership will always stand by the families of ANDSF's martyred.

The leadership of the Ministry of National Defense extends condolences to families of the martyred and prays that the martyred are placed in heaven.

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دوشنبه ۱۳۹۹/۹/۱۰ - ۱۴:۵۲
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شنبه ۱۳۹۹/۹/۸ - ۱۶:۵۳
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