The Taliban terrorists attack failed in Darqad district!


Last night, The Taliban terrorists launched offensive attacks from several parts in the areas of "Qareh Tepa" for the target to insecure the Takhar province.

These terrorists attack confronted with the strong resistance of the National Defense and Security Forces, which resulted in heavy casualties to the Taliban and their attack was failed in the Darqad district.

In the attacks, 11 terrorists including 2 Taliban senior commanders each “Qari Qadir” and “Qahraman” and 6 members of the Taliban red unit were killed and the other 6 were wounded.

Note, it is with great sadness in these clashes we have lost one Afghan National Army heroes who fought with bravery & courage and we shall also mention that 6 other ANA soldiers were injured.

The National Defense and Security Forces will protect the lives and property of the people and eliminate the terrorists who are trying to damage the people in any possible way.