100 Electronic Wheelchairs Equipped with Modern Technology, Donated from India to the ANDSF Disabled Personnel

دوشنبه ۱۳۹۸/۲/۲ - ۱۶:۵
کمک ١٠٠ عراده ويلچر از سوی کشور دوست هندوستان به معیوبین اردوی ملی

Kabul - Afghanistan: Ambassedor of India, to Afghanistan, donated 100 wheelchairs, in a ceremony that took place at Ministry of Defense headquarter, to the disables personnel of ANDSF who have sacrificed and lost their body parts defending their country against terrorism. In this ceremony acting Defense Minister Mr. Abdullah Khalid, considered India one of Afghanistan’s top friend counties and thanked Indian people and government for their unconditional help and support to the ANDSF. He added, “we have other neighbouring countries too which send us bullets, they train terrorists in their soil and send them to Afghanistan to harm Afghans. But India is one of the countries which has played a vital role in reconstruction of Afghanistan.” At the end of the ceremony the embassidor Vini Kumar appreciated the ANDSF heroism and promised further assistances to Afghanistan in different areas.

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پنجشنبه ۱۳۹۸/۱/۸ - ۱۲:۵۹
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سه‌شنبه ۱۳۹۸/۱/۶ - ۲۱:۵۴
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چهارشنبه ۱۳۹۸/۱۲/۲۹ - ۱۴:۴۳
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