21 Talib were killed and 5 others wounded in an airstrikes carried out by AFF in Qadis district of Badghis!


As a result of an airstrike 21 Taliban including 2 of their commenders each, Mullah khairullah and Mullah Khaliq were killed and 5 others were wounded in Qadis district of Badghis province today. These Taliban were targeted by AAF while they had plan to attack ANDSF positions.

Names of 8 killed terrorits are:

1- Mullah khairullah son of Zarif, group leader from langar village.

2- Abdul Rahim

3- Habibullah

4- Zareen son of Abu-Baker

5- Hasahnullah

6- Sadiq

7- Eid-Gul

8- Qadir son of Abdul Rahim

Names of 5 wounded terrorists are:

1- Mubarak Shah

2- Abdul Kari Son of Nazar Mohammad

3- Zareen son of Nabi

4- Ismail son of Amir Mohammad

5- Mullah Jabar