The Inspectors Attestation Ceremony!

Mon, Dec 23 2019 4:53 PM
The Inspectors Attestation Ceremony!

Gen. Mohammad Yasin Zia, First Deputy of the Ministry of National Defense congratulated the specialized inspection course to the graduators and called their work and activities are vital and tangible, stated that” the equal implementation of the rule of law on all the levels of ANA personnel in the Ministry of National Defense is your inspectors' duty and fight against the corruption without any fear, and do not the distinction between the low-ranking and the high-ranking officials, and carry your responsibilities honestly, we have won the war on the battlefields from cowardly and mercenary enemies, but the corruption issue should not damage us, which will directly impact the war.

In the meantime, Dr. Mohammad Nasser Asfia, Ministry of National Defense Inspector General Director, after reporting on held of ceremony said” The Ministry of National Defense committed to combat and eradicate corruption following the rules and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Government and our inspectors have taken steps in this way with the breath of purity and strong-will which we have been witness the good result of that, and we expect them better and more effective expectations in the future.

In recent of the ceremony, the graduated Inspectors have acquired their certificates from the Ministry of National Defense high ranking Leadership.


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