Biography of Martyred Hero First-Leiutenant Abdul Hameed Zawosh

Our Hero

Those who bravely defend from this country and its national interests are the real heroes.

Our heroes decapitate the enemies and capture their trenches but mostly in the way of defending this beloved country, they are ready for any kind of sacrifice in order to bring peace and make a vivid and prideful history for the future generation of this country.

Abdul Hameed son of Rajab is the hero who was born on (solar-year 1364) in Chaharmaghz village, Kashm district of Badakhshan province. He completed his primary & secondary education with high-scores in the province.

After graduating from high school, he joined Afghan National Army. With consideration to his gallantry, patriotism and sagacity, he was selected for the officer’s school (OCS) on November 5th 1392 (solar-year). After completing OSC successfully, he was graduated as a second-lieutenant and was hired in administrational fields of 207th Zafar Corps on 23.6.1393 (solar year).

Hero Abdul Hameed was working for Third Battalion, Second Brigade of 207th Zafar Corps in Badghis province after the year 1393. Considering his gallantry and achievements, he was promoted from second-lieutenant rank to first-lieutenant as commander of heavy-weaponries of the mentioned battalion.

Every day he was adding to his achievements and was behaving patiently with his colleagues, he was patient but his actions were full of valor and heroism. He had zero tolerance for neglect during his job. He had always a kind & smiling personality for his comrades, unlike, acting professionally against the enemies and causing heavy casualties to them, this action of the hero soldier was always escaping the enemy from the battle-fields. He became famous among his colleagues for his heroism and bravery. He was always at the front-lines against the enemies of the country and was a big trouble for enemies in strategic points, therefore in order to suppress him, enemies were making multifarious propagandas against him, finally the enemy set an award of Afn/800,000 for killing our hero Abdul Hameed. This action of enemies did not have even a slight negative affect on the morale and actions of our hero but made him more determined to his goals.

Although, enemies were proposing him more money and equipment for leaving his job, day by day he was even more determined in fighting against the enemies and causing them more and more heavy casualties. He was always in the lead, so Commander Abdul Hameed became a hero for his colleagues and soldiers under his orders. Regretfully, our hero was martyred in an aggressive attack of enemies in Akazi area, BalaMorghab district of Badghis province on 19.2.1398. May Allah always keep the tomb of our martyred-hero bright & vivid and grant a life full of heroism and gallantry for other Afghan soldiers