Statement of Ministry of National Defense regarding the martyrdom of Brigadier Gen. Zahir Gul Maqbel!


Today morning, unfortunately, it’s with great sadness the Brigadier Gen. Zahir Gul Maqbel, commander of the 2015th Maiwand Corps, border 4th brigade, was martyred at the roadside in during an operation against the Taliban terrorists in mine blast which has been planted by Taliban terrorists in Nawa district of Helmand province.

Martyr Brigadier General Zahir Gul Maqbel son of Amir Gul, was born in a religious and intellectual family on the 1966 years in Samkanay district of Paktia province, and he has shown worthy and valuable services in defending the homeland and national honor from 1985 until December 30, 2019.

Asadullah Khalid acting Ministry of National Defense Minister expressed his condolences and sympathy to the martyrdom of General Zahir Gul Maqbel and Enzer Gul his bodyguard to their respected families, the ANA and the people of Afghanistan.

General Maqbel martyrdom is a huge and irreparable loss for the Afghan National Army and the people of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, acting the Ministry of National Defense calls the immediate healing from almighty Allah for an Afghan National Army soldier and Mohammad Sarwari reporter of the Shamshad TV who were injured in the incident.