General Mohammad Sharif “Yaftali”

Chief of General Staff
Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

 General  Mohammad Sharif Yaftali is the Fourth Chief of General Staff for the Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces. Prior to his assignment as the Chief

Of General Staff, LTG Yaftali successfully served in

 A myriad of positions commencing in the 17th Division where he flawlessly served as a company grade and field grade officer before holding varying Political Officer billets. Following his assignments in the 17th Division, LTG Yaftali served as the 40th Infantry Division Chief of Staff, the Kabul Garrison Command Chief of Staff, the Commander of National Military Academy, the Commander of the Ground Forces Command, and most recently as the 203rd Afghan National Army Corps Commander.

 General Yaftali successfully attended and completed the Army Military School in 1350 and the Army Military University in Kabul graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in 1358. In 1368, LTG Yaftali successfully received a Master’s degree in Military and Politics while studying in Moscow. 

 General Yaftali received the following awards and recognition during his 38 years of dedicated service: Afghan Medal for Bravery, Loya Jirga Service Medal, Afghan Medal for Heroism, the Wazir Mohammed Akbar Khan Medal, Second Tier Achievement Medal, and 10 Certificates of Achievement and Appreciation.

 General Yaftali hails from Yaftal-e Sufla District of Badakhshan Province and is married with eight children.  General Yaftali is a native Dari speaker and fluent in both Pashtu and Russian.