Gen Abdullah Habibi Biography


Gen. Abdullah Habibi

National Defense Minister











Gen. Abdullah Habibi, son of Ghulam Habibullah was born in Sawki district of Kunar province in 1952. After completion of primary educations in 1963, he was enrolled in grade 6th of the Military school and was graduated in 1969.

In 1969, he got admitted to the Artillery Faculty of Military University and was graduated by receiving a bachelor and second lieutenant degrees in 1972.

In 1976, Mr. Habibi went abroad for four years to pursue higher education. He returned to Afghanistan after successfully completing and receiving a Master Degree in military sciences.  

Based on the Presidential decree in 1990 Mr. Habibi, National Defense Minister, was promoted to Major General Position, and similarly after another Presidential decree in 2015, he was again promoted Lieutenant General. Very recently he was promoted as Four Star General. In 2003, as per evaluation of concerned commission, he achieved academic rank (professor).

During his service in the National Army, he has served in different capacities mainly leadership role.  A brief history of his services in the army is as following:

-          1972, Air force 88 artillery

-          1974, Instructor -  Military university

-          1982, 17th Division

-          1981. Lived outside Afghanistan go get higher education

-          1984, Operation Director- Border Forces

-          1986,  Deputy Intelligence Head - Border Forces (Major General)

-          1987, General Commander of Border forces (Lt. General)

-          1995, First Deputy of Minister of Defense, Education

-          2003, after the transitional government of Afghanistan and recreating Afghan National Army (ANA), Mr. Habbibi worked as Director of Audit and General Staff.  

-          2005, Director of Personnel- General Staff (Major General)

-          2008, Military Assistant to the Defense Minister (Major general)

-          2010, Corps Commander, 201st Selab Military Corps

-          2012, Director of Personal, General Staff ( Major General)

-          2015, Chief of Staff, (Lt. General)

During his Service, he was honored to following rewards:

Appreciation Letters, Cash Rewards, Two Star Medals of First Level, Red Flag Medal, Baryal  Third Grade Medal, High Government Medal of “Ghazi Mohammad Ayoub Khan “ the Conqueror of Maiwand, and other rewards.

Gen. Habibi is married and has five children.