Turkey donates 30 wheelchairs to disabled veterans

In coordination with the Afghan National Army (ANA) Medical Command, Turkey donated 30 wheelchairs to disabled Afghan National Army veteran on Tuesday, 30 May 2017 in Military Academy of Afghan National Army.

In the ceremony Acting Minister of Defense Tariq Shah Bahrami and Gen. Ali Puchari Senior Representative of the friendly country Turkey participated.

While addressing the participants the Acting Minister of National Defense praised the assistance of Turkey. He said that friendly country Turkey has been supporting Afghan National Army for a long time, and its support is crucial when it comes to educating Afghan National Army personnel.

Commending the sacrifices of the Afghan National Army, the Acting National Defense Minister said: “those who have lost their parts of body in the defense of country and countrymen, are the real heroes and we are proud of them.” He further said that the Ministry of Defense is committed to assisting and taking care of disabled veterans as recently a center for rehabilitation was established to capacitate disabled veterans.

Meanwhile disabled veterans said the sacrifices they gave were worthwhile since they were serving their motherland and countrymen. They said that they would continue doing so in future as well