Press release 181 Date July 16, 2017


Statement by Major General Dawlat Waziri:

Kabul-Afghanistan: Afghan National Defense and Security forces yesterday morning launched clearing operation (Maiwand 4) as a part of Operation (Khaled)   in order to retake Nawa district of Helmand province.

This operation was held by supporting of artillery and Air forces and was conducted through the northern and southern parts of the Nawa district that as a result during the past 24 hours, ANDS forces recaptured 8 km from the north and 3 km from the southern part of the Nawa district.

Enemies have suffered heavy causalities in this operation, 12 armed Taliban were killed, 6 were wounded and 1 other was detained.

Afghan National defense and security forces took every precaution in order to prevent civilian causalities. 98 rounds of different mines and hideouts were destroyed during this operations. Operation is ongoing to completely clear Nawa district from presence of insurgents. 

Leadership from the Ministry of Defense assures people that Afghan National Army as nation’s defense forces, are ready to make sacrifice to bring peace and security for people and has strong determination to eliminate terror groups.