Press release Release Number 41 Date April 18, 2017

67 insurgents were killed

Kabul-Afghanistan:  During the past 24 hour, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces conducted joined offensive operations in order to protect lives and properties of people also defeating the insurgents in different parts of the country that as a result, 67 insurgents killed, 58 including 4 local commanders of Taliban wounded and 3 others arrested.

This joined operation of the Defense Security Forces was held by supporting of the artillery and air forces in Nangarhar , Kapisa , Khost , Ghazni , Kandahar , Urozgan , Farah , Faryab , Herat , Kundoz , Zabul , Sarepul and Helmand provinces.

During these operations, 17 insurgents killed, 21 insurgents including 2 local commanders wounded, an ammunition depot, 3 fighting positions and 3 vehicles were also destroyed. 12 insurgents killed and 14 wounded in Balamorghab district of Badghis, 12 insurgents killed and 12 including (Mullah Shah Wali) a group leader wounded, 60 mines were also seized.

Similarly, 9 insurgents killed, 11 wounded, 3 arrested and 6 motorbikes along with a car destroyed, 11 insurgents killed in Urozgan province.

Afghan National Army as nation’s defense forces, are ready to give sacrifice to ensure peace and security for people and has strong determination to eliminate terror groups.